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imissyou areatwoiloveyoutoo! (at Amoranto Theatre, Quezon City)
imissyou areatwoiloveyoutoo! (at Amoranto Theatre, Quezon City)

“If today’s the day I die, let me go to where you are, even if you’re miles away. Let me tell you things I want you to know, and I don’t want you to. Let me become someone I always wanted to be around you, and someone you wanted me to be. Let me be yours, as you be mine. Let me be by your side, as you are by mine. Let me know you more, as you come to know me better. If today’s the day I go, let me be myself, and confront you about everything. Let me live my life to the fullest, and make the most out of it. Let me be the one I never showed people, and the one I know I am. Let me love myself, more than how I loved other people. Let me be. For doing that would make me happy, and as I pass away I know I wouldn’t regret, and as my soul lifts up from my pretentious body, I know it would smile the smile I always wanted to have. The kind of smile I know that isn’t fake. And I know my soul would be happy, being able to live inside a mortal who lived as though not existing, who found happiness even though it’s a bit too late. I may not be able to show the world that kind of happiness and joy, but I know my soul will, you might not see it, you might not feel it, and you might be unsure of it, but just letting me die seeing you happy for me, that will make me, and my whole me, attain the happiness I was always craving for ever since my life started. My body wouldn’t live longer, if today’s the day. But my soul would live louder than it used to be. It will be more lively, and it’s happiness can never be removed. It can be the me I never was, it can speak out itself without hindrances. And through that it can be happier than I was. Now, if today’s that day, I would love you to just read this, because by doing so, you already granted my requests.”